SparkUp Studios Solutions

Drive next level fan engagement for your business and bring your fan loyalty into the next generation.

Supercharge your fan loyalty with a white-labelled game loyalty solution that engages your fans more often and stronger. 

  • A customised fan engagement platform that rewards your fans for their influence and engagement
  • Generate new revenue streams by monetising your fanbase with incentivised interactions
  • Drive higher fan engagement levels with a new domain of exclusivity and loyalty
  • Increase sponsorship engagement and trackable return on investment through specific generated data insights from token usage and interaction.
  • Move beyond just connecting with your fans on match day. Engage them in between matches and out of season through incentivised gameplay and open up new revenue streams and sponsor awareness for longer periods.


PlayLoyal supercharges brand loyalty through branded mobile game marketing.

PlayLoyal allows your brand to effortlessly create branded playable mini games that generate high attention and stronger brand loyalty than current marketing practices.