Case study | St Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues, a top tier team in the NHL (USA), were looking to diversify their fan engagement strategy with arcade games to engage both their loyal fans and younger fan base within their app. 

We embarked on generating 3 branded arcade games that integrated into their app across a 4 week period with some great results. 


The Blues were aiming to achieve a number of objectives with the arcade games activation.

  • Drive more in app engagementThe Blues wanted to test if arcade games could provide more engagement in between game breaks and also between games.
  • Increase in app dwell timeThe Blues wanted to see if they could keep users in their app longer post match completion and build retention between matches.
  • Test appetite for arcade gamesWith arcade games being a new innovation, the Blues wanted to see if games were something fans would interact with, particularly their kids demographic.

The Activation

The Blues created 3 arcade games branded to their team colours and theme whilst integrating it seamlessly into the Bluenatics section of their mobile app.

  • 3 arcade games targeted to their usersWe helped generate 3 branded games that were designed to facilitate engagement with their core user demographic.
  • Embedded into the Blues appWe used a simple iframe to embed the games into their mobile app, completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Organic activationThe games were situates organically on the home screen of the app for quick access. No marketing or prizes were attached to the games.

The Results

The Blues were able to generate some positive organic reach and traffic with their games, without any promotion or prizes attached to the activations.

  • 5000+ games played
  • 2 games played per user on average
  • Average dwell time of 2min with peaks at 15mins
  • Open to play rate 90%